Knitwear is a seasonal essential piece for your wardrobe to keep you warm and stylish this winter. For those who don’t know much about knitwear, knit fabric is when one continuous yarn is looped repeatedly to create what looks like tiny rows of braids. Be careful when wearing knitwear as it does stretch significantly, so make sure you purchase the right size. Here are 3 tips to help you style knitwear this winter with Marks & Spencer.

1. Layering with a coat or blazer

Knitwear is a versatile piece of clothing and fantastic for layering under a coat or blazer. We have paired this Marks & Spencer white knit with this lightweight nutmeg jacket. We always recommend layering for the occasion, alternatively you could layer with a leather jacket or peacoat for extra warmth and variation. For an evening dapper look, we recommend layering with a fitted blazer and a pocket square to match.

2. Adding a scarf

The simple things make a big difference. We’ve added a solid navy cashmere scarf to create contrast and a pop of colour to the mural coloured knit. Wearing a scarf brings out personality and a touch of class for the winter months. There are a few ways to wear a scarf however in this instance we’ve let the scarf fall to create lines and layering when wearing the jacket.

3. Shoes to match the overall look

We recommend suede desert shoes or chukka boots to match your jacket or contrast your pants. We have paired these Suede Desert Lace-up Shoes to the jacket to add light tones from the blue jeans and scarf. Be careful when wearing suede in the winter months as you don’t want the rain to destroy your new suede shoes.

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