With the Ignition off I step outside of my car, I lock the doors *BEEP* then start walking down the declining driveway from car park. I turn left and start walking on this cobblestone street here in the big city. While walking down I notice office workers rushing with a suit case and coffee in hand lining up to get into their high rise buildings. The funny thing is everyone looked the same with a black suit, white shirt and simple tie.

Don’t take me wrong it’s a classic look but honestly if you’re somebody you want to look like one. Lucky for me I work in the creative industries so being bright & colour is part of the persona. Here’s a mid week office attire look wearing a blue textured weave suit. I have complemented the suit with a blue slim shirt with a white collar and a James Harper knit tie (Love the texture & pattern of this tie). I had the pants hem taken up so my socks would show and if you’re wearing funky socks, it changes the whole outfit!

Let me know what you think of this look and as always enjoy.

Tie by: James Harper
Photographer: Kelsey Carr

TheSimpleGentleman-CobbleStoneStreets-01TheSimpleGentleman-CobbleStoneStreets-02 TheSimpleGentleman-CobbleStoneStreets-03 TheSimpleGentleman-CobbleStoneStreets-05 TheSimpleGentleman-CobbleStoneStreets-04

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