Watches, there’s always been a debate on what a good watch entails, from the brand to the size, colour and what is trending. Watches are accessories that every man should be wearing and there is no reason not to. From my experience with watches I’ve always loved large around faces, simple dials with a touch of class. That’s what I like and if people are opinionated by my taste then.. they can just…

I’ve been following DapperTime for a while on Instagram and thought their watches were pretty simplistic and classy. They asked if I wanted to try their watches and sent through a watch of my choosing, the Infinity DapperTime watch. From the photos below, the infinity watch has a clean black face with a silver shell. The band is 100% genuine leather however there could be a little more thickness. The watch is very light and fits on the wrist with ease and no movement. The best thing about this watch is the price ($29US – 36AUD) cheap as chips. DapperTime have a range of watch collections to suit your style, as well sell cufflinks and mens bracelets. I have matched the Infinity DapperTime watch with a classic tux here.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a good quality watch that’s within reason, DapperTime is perfect for you.

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Photographer: Kelsey Carr

dappertime-07 dappertime-08 dappertime-11dappertime-0203

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