Formal Formula is a quarterly fashion magazine that brings together formal attire, beauty and individuality. Formal Formula is your how to guide to dress and impress, focusing on embracing our differences, promoting individuality and dressing with confidence and style.

Catering for both genres, Formal Formula guides and inspires to help pick the right outfit for that very special occasion, whether it is a school formal/prom, wedding or cocktail party.

We collaborated with the team from Made for the mob, a high end menswear fashion label. We had three amazing suits to try (red, red pin and tux) each measured and fitted.
Director: Adrienne Le Mura (Formal Formula)
Photographer:ย Salvador Hernandez
Photographer: Kelsey Carr

FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-1 FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-2 FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-3 FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-4 FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-5 FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-6 FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-7 FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-8 FormalFormula-MadeForTheMob-9


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