We’re all about maximising your wardrobe’s potential here at The Simple Gentleman, so we were excited to work with Grana as they offer classic styles you can mix and match with ease. From simple looks, to something a little more creative, we had fun showcasing how versatile you can be with just four pieces of clothing.

If you haven’t already heard of Grana, here’s what you should know; they’re all about high-quality products at the lowest prices. That’s what they all say right? However Grana is actually able to make this a reality with their efficient supply chain model. Where other brands often have to ship supplies up to six times, Grana only ships three times. They source materials directly from fabric mills all around the world, which are then sent to their manufacturer, warehouse and finally the consumer (you)! This is how they keep prices low whilst maintaining a variety of high quality materials.

The first piece we chose from Grana was a pair of black jeans. They act as the perfect neutral base to almost any outfit. We wore them for each look, choosing to roll the cuffs for a modern style (and to show off our stylish brogues). I loved the fit on these jeans, they were nice and skinny but still comfortable. You could also feel immediately the quality of the fabric.

For the first outfit, we paired the jeans with a black and white striped Crew Neck T-Shirt and kept accessories to a minimum with just a watch and sunglasses. This monochrome look offers a casual vibe whilst still being stylish. To create the next outfit, we simply added the Oxford Shirt worn unbuttoned over the top. This option is perfect for transeasonal wear. We also can’t wait to wear the Oxford Shirt on its own with a nice pair pants for a dressier occasion.

The final look incorporated two of our favourite items; the Oxford Shirt and Cashmere Sweater. Layering the Cashmere Sweater over the Oxford Shirt created a classic, smart-casual look that would suit a number of settings. The luxury of wearing cashmere is something every gentleman should experience at least once. We look forward to wearing this sweater by itself to really enjoy the feeling of the fabric.

For busy gentleman like myself, the ability to change up an outfit so easily is ideal. I loved that with Grana, injecting just one additional piece to a look gave each outfit a completely different style. Keep an eye out for my future posts to see how I incorporate these pieces into my existing wardrobe.

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T-shirt – Pima Crew Neck T-shirt
Oxford Shirt – Oxford Classic Shirt
Cashmere Sweater – Silk Cashmere Crew Neck
Jeans – Denim Extra Slim Jeans

Website: www.grana.com
Instagram: @granacom
Facebook: /granacom

















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