It’s not easy being a business owner. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to stay on top of your schedule and keep your clients happy, whilst still making time for rest and relaxation. Working for yourself never looks like your typical 9-5 job as things can just pop up unannounced. We find ourselves burning that midnight oil on an all too often basis. Although the hustle can seem hard at times, it’s all worth it to live out your passion and see your goals realised. For those entrepreneurs living that 24/7 lifestyle, we’ve comprised a list of hacks to save you precious time and boost productivity.

1. Prepare a healthy breakfast the night before

As they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And, more importantly, no one likes you when you’re hangry. Starting your day off right with a nutritious brekky is essential to hit the ground running. Most people dread the morning breakfast preparation, but our first hack will get you fed in less than two minutes.

Are you a fan of oatmeal? Of course you are. We’ve found the best way to enjoy a delicious oats brekky is to prep the night before. Soaking oats overnight is key – the mixture softens while you sleep! When you wake up, you’ll have a healthy and tasty dish ready to eat. In a bowl or mason jar (can you say ‘Insta-worthy’?!) add a serving of oats, milk, chia seeds and two scoops of peanut butter, and leave overnight. In the morning we serve with fresh strawberries or bananas. 

2. Follow the two-minute rule.

One of our favourite hacks to help with productivity is the two-minute rule. We live by this rule, not just at work but in our personal lives too. It really helps us take action and succeed. The goal of the two minute rule is to beat that dreaded deadline breaker – procrastination. Often we look at our busy schedule or a big project, and get overwhelmed. Applying the two minute rule makes it easier for you to get started on the things you should be doing.

We all have a long to do list, but once you break it down to smaller tasks that you can do within two minutes, you’ll start smashing goals left, right and centre! Follow up and do it right now. Yes, get up and get it done! You would be surprised how much you can get done in a short amount of time. For example: reply to emails, pay bills online, take out the washing or cleaning up your desk. When you feel lazy and unmotivated, obey by the two-minute rule and you’ll get a boost as you start ticking things off your list!

3. Parcel Lockers

Working in the fast-paced digital industry, means we’re always on the go and ready to take on the next project. And since we discovered the convenience of Australia Post Parcel Lockers, we’ve been able to work to a much more efficient schedule. If we know we’re not going to be home for a parcel delivery, we now simply collect our deliveries from our nearest Parcel Lockers whenever we like – 24/7.

Another reason why this hack is one of our favourites, is that using the Parcel Lockers is free! That means more money left over for online shopping (guilty). Signing up online is super easy and here’s another tip – be sure to register for MyPost. This service sends you email notifications as your parcel makes it journey to the Lockers. Once the package arrives, MyPost sends you an SMS code to access the Lockers. These Parcel Lockers have locations all around Australia. Find your nearest Australia Post Parcel Lockers here.

4. Make your to-do list before bed

Another night time necessity on our list of hacks, writing out your to-do list for the next day really pays off. Having a clear mind is an important component of boosting productivity, lowering anxiety and reducing stress. Before getting into bed, we recommend you write down your to-do list for the next day. You can keep it as simple or detailed as you wish. The list can be anything from groceries to emails you need to reply to, and those ah-ha ideas you seem to only think of in the shower.

Not only will getting your thoughts onto paper (or the notepad on your phone) help clear your mind, you’ll be able to sleep easier knowing you’re in control (you go Glen Coco). The next day you will feel determined and focused on the tasks at hand right from the get go.

Try out these time-saving hacks and see how your productivity improves! Have you got any other tips for making a busy lifestyle work? Let us know in the comments below.


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