One word, Penfolds. World renowned with a rich heritage and a story to tell. I’ve always loved my wines and the first time I tried a drop of Penfolds was over dinner with friends. I was biting into a rich medium rare wagyu steak, as the waiter starts pouring the first glass of red (Penfolds Merlot).

I was lucky enough to experience Penfolds first hand with a guided tour around the premises, Magill Estate Cellar Door, lunch served by Head Chef Scott Huggins and of course the wine tasting of their new tier Penfolds Max’s to commemorate Max Schubert.

4F5C0440We first started the tour by learning about the history of Penfolds and how Chief Winemaker Max Schubert created the Grange. (Video to get you up to speed). We walked around the the Magill Estate (fun fact: which only grows Shiraz as the other wines are sourced from the Barossa Valley) then saw first hand where the wines were manufactured and produced.

2016_PHOTO_DRIVE_DAY_2-129We then entered the Magill Estate Cellar Door slowly opening the doors to a dark lit room. We were struck with the sight of large wine barrels lined up on either side, with a walkway in the middle. We made our way through the underground drives with endless barrels of wines.

penfolds-output-5penfolds-output-6We reached a cellar where we met two wine experts, Stephanie and Adam. They talked us through the processes to become a wine expert and the blending of wines. Then introducing us to the new Penfolds Max’s Chardonnay.

penfolds-output-8Next we were served a white wine.. White wine? Penfolds.. Really? We were lucky enough to be introduced to the new Chardonnay selection which is only available from July! (Not going to lie I do like a good white, it had a lovely soft sweetness with a velvety body and strong fruit flavour.

Lunch is now served, five course degustation paired with four red wines. Finally red!

Shiraz | Shiraz Cabernet | Cabernet Sauvignon The Max Schubert Cabernet Shiraz

penfolds-output-21I’m not going to lie, everything was absolutely delicious. If you have a chance to get to Penfolds make sure you hit up the Magill Estate Restaurant, your taste buds will thank you later. As for the wines, brilliant. I compared and contrasted all of the Penfolds Max’s selection and the The Max Schubert Cabernet Shiraz definitely came out favourite and without knowing the price tag, I perhaps had more than one glass ;). The Shiraz came out second with a bold body, sweet plums that lingers thereafter.

My overall experience was fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed the new Penfolds Max’s range while learning about the story of the Grange.

If you would like to experience Penfolds for yourself visit the website here

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Photography by: DesignAndGrow + Penfolds

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