There are different suits for different occasions and a summer suit is one of them. We wanted to showcase the classic beige suit but with a little twist by adding patterns to really give that unique look.

We got rid of the plain slacks and went for the hero checked pants. I’m not going to lie, I was walking around the store looking for something unique and on the corner of my eye I saw a yellow glow, I had a warm feeling and started walking towards the light. What I found in front of me was the Ubermen checked pants, it was love at first sight. As you might already know Ubermen are known for their quality and signature pattern styles. It’s the small details that helps unify the whole look and outfit.

The colour scheme we were going for was yellow and blue, (subtle colours from the blazer and shirt). As the accessories had to compliment, but not overpower.

Accessories ories by:
Tie: Harrison Blake Apparel (@WearLapelPins)
Pocket Square: Bows N Ties (@bows_n_ties)
Watch: RossRino (@RossRino)

Patterned pants mixed with a plain blazer really showcase how you can change a normal professional suit to something more edgy/hipster yet keep its integrity of class and dapperness.

This look is perfect for the edgy businessman wanting to step out of the black and white suit or perhaps maybe you’re attending a evening summer beach front cocktail event, watching the sunset over the ocean. You could lose the tie and jacket, roll up that shirt for late festivities of dancing and drinking.

We have also collaborated with fashionista Emily from Corporate Catwalker, pairing our looks to show you how style and colours work together.

If you like this look make sure to visit:
Address: 275 George Street, Brisbane
Instagram: @Ubermen_AUS

It’s your lucky day Ubermen are are giving a 10% discount just for you! Here’s the code: thesimplegentleman10

As always gents Look Dapper, Stay Confident.

Photographer: PK Photos (Pran Kositthanakorn)
Suit: Ubermen


TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-5 TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-3 TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-7 TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-8 TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-2 TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-9 TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-4 TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-10 TheSimpleGentleman-Ubermen-Summer-Suiting-1




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