I’ve alway loved the red & black combo, its the elegance and sophistication of the red that pops out and says HELLO. The black from the blazer keeps the whole look grounded which adds the touch of class.

I’ve kept the look semi casual adding some dark blue skinny jeans into the mix. Some people will love it as some will hate it (hater goota hate). Keeping it semi formal means I can wear the look out without being too BOLD and overdressed, also it adds a touch of personality.

But really, the accessories.. oh the accessories really make this look pop! It’s all about quality & textures.

Tie: Bows-N-Ties (bows_n_ties)
Tie Clip: Weekend Casual (weekendcasual) (Sprezzabox)
Pocket Square: Dappertude (dapper.tude)
Lapel: Chanman (chanmanshop)

This look is perfect for a Friday semi casual work attire having lunch meetings out, later that evening head out to a classy cocktail lounge for a few drinks with a couple of your friends… Hey Ladies. OR perhaps you have a dinner function on that night, loose the jeans and wear some black slacks. This will transform you into the day time gentleman to the gentleman of leisure (dress to impress), you’re holding a martini with one hand and the other your ladies, who is dressed in an sophisticated long evening dress.

Let me know what you think of the red and black combo in the comments below!

Photographer: PK Photos (Pran Kositthanakorn)

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