Florals, majority of men will stay away from any floral print because it’s associated with being feminine. What if I said wearing florals will make you more masculine?


When you think floral prints, the first thing that pops into your head is female attire, roses and your grandmothers old curtains. It’s all true however people now associate florals with mens attire and it’s becoming a staple in the wardrobe. I understand how people wouldn’t want to wear certain patterns, because even for me, some patterns are way too much for my complexion & style. This is why you simplify to suit your needs.

When you wear florals in the right manner with confidence and charisma the floral print will compliment your personality and style. It has been a big trend for the last few years with more men stepping out of there comfort zone and wearing orchid, tulip, peonies and rose prints.

Alright lets get alittle bit deeper.

Everyone on this earth both has a masculine and feminine side (polarity). The masculine side comes from a place of strength. Strength is at the top end of the scale, whereas weakness is at the bottom end. In contrast, the feminine side comes from a place of goodness. You develop the strength of the masculine side by having a deep belief in the value of your own life, and you develop the goodness of the feminine side by having a deep belief in the value of the life of others.

So what this means is if you have good values in your own life this will relate to your confidence and in effect not caring what other people think. And when you don’t care what people think, you are your own man. So the question still stands are you man enough to wear florals?

I have been following Harrison Blake Apparel (@wearlapelpins) for a while now on instagram and have always loved there unique floral ties. Below I have worn all floral accessories with my check blue blazer, it’s not too overpowering and I loved the compliments I received when I was having my morning coffee.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Harrison Blake Apparel - Floral - flatlay

Harrison Blake Apparel - Floral - 7

Harrison Blake Apparel - Floral - 2Harrison Blake Apparel - Floral - 5

Harrison Blake Apparel - Floral - 8Harrison Blake Apparel - Floral - 3

Harrison Blake Apparel - Floral - 4

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