Have you ever thought of a great idea and the next moment it vanished into infinity?

As they say the smallest spark if an idea can change the world (as long as you write them down). I first got my hands on these little pockets of goodness when I attending a design conference and with every entry to the conference we got a Notely, Perfect. In my opinion they are the perfect size for a notepad, not too big and not to small, but small enough to fit into your pocket. I’m a big fan of simplicity that less is more and Notely has done exactly that with a great logo & pastel colours.

I was curious to see what they were about, so I visited their website and to my surprise they have collaborated with various award winning designers and artists where their artwork have been featured on the covers. Really how cool is that, and to top it off the Notely’s are eco friendly.

So what is Notely? Good question. Notely is simple, beautiful and sustainable stationary, they are eco friendly notebooks made entirely from FSC certified 100 recycled paper. Notely is your to go notepad to write down any thoughts, ideas and sketches that will further your creativity while saving the environment. It’s a win win for all.

Make sure to do yourself a favour and further your creativity with Notely.

Instagram: @thenotely
Facebook: /thenotely
Web: www.notely.com.au

*Note: I only ordered solid colours as seen below
TheSimpleGentleman-Notely TheSimpleGentleman-Notely-2 TheSimpleGentleman-Notely-4 TheSimpleGentleman-Notely-5 TheSimpleGentleman-Notely-7 TheSimpleGentleman-Notely-6

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