Michael Jordan; the greatest basketballer of all time, known for his drive, ambition and dominance on the court. Paying homage to this iconic athlete, Nike launched their signature sneaker, Air Jordans, in 1985. Three decades later, they are still as popular as ever.

I finally got my hands on a pair of Nike Jordan 1 (Flight 4 White/Metallic Silver). Taking off my brown brogue monks and stepping into my new white Jordan 1’s, I can immediately feel the elevated comfort. This sneaker has superior cushioning for that ‘walking on clouds’ sensation. With great breathability and supportive structure, these kicks are the ideal shoes to wear for long days on the go. But comfort aside, these kicks just have a seriously cool look – I’ve always been a fan of high tops.

With my footwear locked down, I decided to go with a head-to-toe street look. Sticking to a black and white colour palette, I paired my Nike Jordan 1’s with black denim jeans and a lightweight NikeCourt Jacket. The NikeCourt Jacket is very versatile in styling and has a clean aesthetic, perfect for that city chic look.

I can see myself wearing my new sneakers with a number of different outfit combos. My next look would incorporate a pop of colour or print for something different. No matter how you style your Jordan 1’s, you can’t help feel a sense of attitude like in no other sneaker.


Website: www.nike.com/au/
Instagram: @nike

Nike of Jordan 1nikecourt-jacket

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  1. Love all the photos and how well you look in clothing. So used to such a predominantly female industry . Nice to see guys

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