Autumn is here, but we’re still hanging on to summer! Bring on blue water, warm sand and feeling the hot sun on your skin. You can still look your best heading to the beach, that’s why we wear our favourite brand, Grana. They offer classic, casual styles you can mix and match with ease to create your desired outfit.

We absolutely love wearing Grana, from the quality of the clothing to the simplicity of everyday casual. You may have heard of Grana from our latest article ‘Styling Three Ways with Grana”. This time around we put together two classic beach looks, so you can look great on and off the sands.

For our first look, we chose to wear a white linen shirt to look smart but still keep cool in the warm weather. Paired with tailored chino shorts, you have the perfect versatile look for a beachside cafe (or any cafe for that matter)! We loved the light tan colour of these shorts, as it played well against the tones of the sand and stones. Like always, we found our pieces from Grana fit seamlessly into our existing wardrobe and matching shoes and accessories to suit was a breeze.

If you’re in the mood for a swim, we would recommend Grana’s blue tailored swimshorts made in a Taiwanese Tech fabric. They have a beautiful texture that feels smooth on your skin, and provide high UV protection. What really got me excited was the adjustable buckle on the sides and the flat snap button! These small details make a big difference! We paired the swimshorts with a white tee as it not only looks great, but it’s easy to take off and hit the waves.

If you’re ready to look stylish for a weekend road trip or hitting up the beach, we highly recommend the simplicity and quality of Grana!

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Look 1 –
Linen Shirt – Linen Classic Shirt
Shorts – Twill Extra Slim Chino Shorts

Look 2 –
T-shirt – Pima Henley Tee
Board Shorts – Tailored Swimshort

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